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Best-in-Class Lead Hunters

How to immunize your lead management from zombie leads

Description: MarketStar and Schneider Electric discuss why best-in-class companies require 20 times less marketing generated leads to create one customer and why less than half of marketing automation users are able to nurture leads effectively.
This webinar gives you a chance to experience Lead Management experts and peers discussing:

  • Reasons why marketing and sales create zombie leads
  • Ineffective reaction to the zombie lead conversion problem
  • The Zombie Lead Hunter:
    • How to move beyond basic marketing automation
    • Best practices and requirements to reduce the number of dying leads
    • Steps to successfully nurture zombie leads back to life
  • How Schneider Electric tackled the zombie lead problem

Speakers: MarketStar and Schneider Electric
Certified Zombie Lead Hunter

Zombie Lead Management Infographic

Escorting zombie leads on the journey back to life is a tricky process. This infographic explains some tips every marketer needs to know to disinfect the zombie virus from their database.

  • Learn how many leads actually die in your funnel
  • See where your leads are turning back into zombies and what they're doing to your funnel
  • Read on how to communicate and approach sensitive zombie leads
Zombie Lead Management Infographic

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