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Quantitative Analysis

Do you know how deep an impact your sales and marketing programs have on your bottom line? Are you looking for insight on how to effectively tier your account or partner list to optimize your sales strategy?

MarketStar takes program data and provides sales strategies based on statistically significant trends and analysis. Using advanced mathematical modeling techniques and statistical software enables MarketStar to efficiently and effectively provide clients with the intelligence they need to optimize their business, whether it be resource planning, risk management, pricing or product strategy.

As your trusted partner, we go beyond sales team management and reporting activity metrics. Instead, MarketStar enables you to make decisions based on facts, not intuition. Then, we deploy teams strategically by leveraging:

  • Analytical skill set and statistical software expertise without the expense of a full-time resource.
  • Six Sigma certification.
  • 10-plus years experience building, refining and running quantitative models to analyze sales and marketing initiatives.


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