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Shopper and Retail Insight

Start Your Campaigns Smart

Retailers constantly interact with shoppers and generate sales data...How are you using their information to create programs to drive sales? Harness the power of intelligence through reports and analysis of sales, consumer behavior, and industry data. MarketStar delivers continual program measurement and strategic recommendations to increase sales, empower sales associates and to cultivate customer loyalty.

If you need help…

  • Understanding your target market and consumers
  • Uncovering insights that gauge opportunity and position every motion to achieve your goals
  • Acting on strategic recommendations for improving the buying process
  • Gauging customer satisfaction and sales associate empowerment 
  • Accessing and curating the flow of program data and activity reports

Before, during and after a program, MarketStar provides data-driven insights on shoppers, sales associate behavior, and your programs. MarketStar analysts utilize in-store market research and other means to gather information and deliver strategic recommendations.

Clients engaged in Shopper & Retailer Insight use a combination of the following solutions:

Market Strategy — Let us build you a custom coverage model using geo-targeted analysis, identifying the best places to use Brand Advocacy, Knowledge Communities and other tools
M*Sight Business Analytics — See how easy it is to track effectiveness of your program

GIS Experts

Learn how MarketStar’s GIS experts ensure your coverage is ROI Smart

MarketStar Can
  • Supply the human and technical resources to effectively support and serve your customers
  • Design and execute loyalty building processes and campaigns by nurturing current clients with relevant marketing content
  • Deploy a team of agents to maximize your sales opportunities by cross-selling and up-selling
  • Gather and analyze service and support data to diagnose return rates, rising costs and other critical business operations
  • Provide solutions and recommendations to improve your post, direct sales support and service