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Channel Readiness

Create a Scalable Blueprint to Engage the Channel

You know the value of selling through the channel, but you are still working on exactly how best to do it? To build an effective channel you need a well-planned program blueprint and you must ramp-up quicker and more efficiently than your competitors.

If you need help…

  • Validating my value proposition to scale a broader set of targets
  • Finding the right partners to recruit and enable
  • Generating real sales opportunities while validating a strategy to expand your target focus
  • Pressure testing your sales model to ensure it's scalable and will stand up to increased volume
  • Crafting a strategy to leverage market advantages, coverage tiering, and effective communication vehicles

MarketStar’s Channel Readiness solution provides an optimal mix of assessment, strategic design, and real-time validation using an active sales motion. We will assess your channel prominence, help you validate your reseller value proposition, and identify the attributes and characteristics of channel partners that are right for you; all while designing and building a sales outline that will help you plan, manage, and execute result-driven strategies. Our deep heritage and expertise in partner engagement will help you build your channel — on-time and on-target.

Clients engaged in Channel Readiness use a combination of the following solutions:

Channel Mapping - Shed light on your channel presence while implementing a strategic sales and marketing blueprint
m*Sight Business Analytics - A palette of intelligence elements designed to guide program direction
SalesAmp - Go-to-Market program that allows you to build, test and refine your offering

Channel Readiness Case Study Download

MarketStar's SalesAmp team is the perfect solution to enable a Channel Readiness strategy.

MarketStar Can
  • Review your current channel mix, programs, selling motions, value propositions, and SWOT analysis
  • Collect and compile quantitative and qualitative information about your most appropriate clusters and segments
  • Craft specific recommendations and action plans necessary to create market and channel advantages, channel coverage, and partner communication vehicles
  • Put active research, knowledge and resources into motion while emphasizing program validity, not sales
  • Initiate a sales lab for testing execution strategies without the risks associated with staffing and training an internal team