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Lead Management

Qualify, Score, and Nurture Leads to Maximize ROI

There have been a lot of changes in buying behavior in both B2B and B2C over the last few years. By making access to information easier, the Internet has shortened the period between when prospects engage and when they make a final decision. It’s more crucial now than ever for businesses to quickly capture prospect interest and nurture to close in the leads management process. Marketers need the ability to monitor prospect activity, develop them, and understand when they are ready to engage with sales on business leads.

If you need help...

  • Identifying leads that are prepared for a conversation with sales
  • Progressing leads into sales-ready opportunities through automated lead nurturing
  • Removing boundaries between marketing and sales by creating a seamless handoff point in the nurturing process
  • Knowing the disposition of any lead and capitalize on a contact’s activity history with personalized communication

Optimizing Your Pipeline

MarketStar's Lead Management program provides a cost-effective way to offload lead development so your sales teams can close opportunities. By qualifying, incubating and appropriately distributing leads, MarketStar can deliver a robust sales pipeline that is rich with prospects ready to purchase. We track the disposition of your leads in relation to the buying cycle and use an intelligent scoring system that triggers alerts as leads mature into sales readiness. As a result of this disciplined approach, your funnel actively moves prospects toward final purchase, while you incubate and mature a growing list of future buyers.

Clients engaged in Lead Management use a combination of the following solutions:

Lead Qualification - Activities that ensure your leads are qualified and meet pre-determined criteria
Lead Nurturing - Ensure all leads stay engaged and nurture them with the right information towards a buying decision

Closed Loop Lead Management Infograohic

Learn how MarketStar reengaged an abandoned lead list to create a multi-million dollar pipeline.

MarketStar Can
  • Identify what leads are most qualified and should be targeted first
  • Implement a complete methodology of nurturing leads towards a decision
  • Analyze and score leads based on their interaction and fit with your business
  • Monitor the progress of your leads, their disposition in the buying cycle, and alert you to take action
  • Track all lead and sales activities to measure and report impact