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How does an organization communicate its vast body of work? For MarketStar, that’s always been a tough task.

Our business model covers a large spectrum – we provide sales teams, advocacy teams, training, business intelligence, and marketing automation for some of the most respected brands in the world. We execute across all three major routes to market – retail stores, B2B partners, and directly to the consumer. We do A LOT of work for A LOT of companies. So how do you show this on one Web page?

Well, we think we nailed it with our Global Impact Map. This interactive map displays the work we do all over the world, conveying that we have more than 3,400 employees reaching out to 60 countries, speaking 40 languages.

We can always say these things, but I’m the type of marketer that believes talk is cheap. I like to see what you’ve done, see who you’ve done it for, and how far reaching your work spans. I like to see your heart and your soul, not just your creative messaging and value prop. Show me your walk, not just your talk.

So, that’s what we’ve done with our Global Impact Map. We show you the work we actually do, who we do it for, and where it’s being done – all on one page. We obviously do A LOT more than what’s shown in these hot spots, but you’ll get the idea.

To see what we do, who we do it for and where we do it, visit our map.

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